About Us

We exist to reach unsaved children in our community, disciple saved children as they grow, and train others to do the same

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Wyoming and Sullivan Counties is an affiliate of Child Evangelism Fellowship of Eastern PA, Inc.

We exist to win boys and girls to Christ, to help children grow as Christians, to channel unchurched children into Bible-believing, Bible teaching churches, and to train young people and adults how to teach the Word of God to children.

We believe that the Great Commission involves both evangelism and discipleship, and that children need to hear the Gospel just as desperately as adults do. In fact, statistics are showing children who do not accept the Gospel before the age of nine become more callous to the truth and less likely to be saved later in life. This is why we have such a burden to reach local children with the Gospel.

We seek to show Jesus’ love to children in our community through:

    • After-School/In-School Good News Clubs (School-Year)
    • Church-Affiliated Good News Clubs (School-Year)
    • 5-Day Clubs (Summer)
    • Good News Day Camp (Summer)
    • Teacher Training Classes (September – April)
    • Teen Ministry Training Classes (Spring)

We would love to have you partner with us through prayer, financial support, or as a volunteer. To get involved, you can find our information on our contact page.

Meet the Committee & Staff

CEF of Wyoming and Sullivan Counties is run by a local committee of faithful believers. Our current committee members are pictured below.


Interested in joining our committee or coming on staff? Contact us at cefwysul@gmail.com for more information.


Kurt        Stang Chairman


Kim        Teeters Director


Vic Cappucci  Vice-Chairman


Carole Davis  Treasurer


Nicky Stang Secretary


Marland Cannella


Heather Hubbell