We have a vision for CEF of Wyoming & Sullivan County

We would love to have you partner with us through prayer or financial support.

Since 1961, Child Evangelism Fellowship of Wyoming and Sullivan Counties has reached thousands of local children with the Gospel. In the 1970s, the ministry was reaching over 700 children a week through local Good News Clubs. With the decline of our culture and the paradigm shift in the minds and hearts of parents and children, numbers have decreased over the years. However, we will not lose hope. The Holy Spirit is alive and active, working to bring people to Himself through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have a vision for CEF of Wyoming and Sullivan Counties. That vision is to reach every child with the love of Jesus, to train adults and teens to reach children more effectively, and, ultimately, to be known in our counties for our profound impact for the Gospel.

In order to do this more effectively, we are looking to find a better space from which to minister. We have been in the same apartment for over forty years, and it no longer suits our needs. The committee of CEF of Wyoming and Sullivan Counties has decided that we need a space that includes:

    • One large open space for hosting classes and clubs
    • A storage space for curriculum and other materials
    • An office space from which CEF staff can work
    • A bathroom
    • A kitchen
    • Handicap accessibility

If you know of a reasonably priced space that includes these things, please feel free to reach out and let us know. In the meantime, we have started a new campaign for growing the ministry. We are calling it our “Vision Fund.” The Vision Fund will be used for progressing our ministry and presence in our community, whatever that may look like. It could be the purchase of a new building, renting a more usable space, or continuing where we are currently located with new creativity and forward-looking purpose. Of course, the fund could not grow without your monetary donations. But it also cannot grow without your prayers. We need your help to grow this fund and move forward as a ministry.

To donate to the Vision Fund, receive updates on the growth of the ministry, and/or commit it to prayer, see the links below. We are deeply grateful for your contribution to reaching local children with the Gospel.

Serving alongside you,
The CEF Committee

Kurt Stang (Chairman), Vic Cappucci (Vice Chairman),  Nicky Stang (Secretary), Carole Davis (Treasurer), Marland Cannella,  and Heather Hubbell

Join us in our vision!

Through your prayers and financial support, CEF can continue to grow and reach more children for Christ in Wyoming & Sullivan counties.